BLE icon keeps showing connected status after got disconnected from hardware in Play mode

Testing on Android 10, Xiaomi Mi9, latest BETA of Blynk app, 2.28.0.

When connecting from Play mode and then getting disconnected from hardware, the Blynk BLE icon keeps showing connected status even Blynk is not connected. It is required to click BLE icon and connect again. After multiple repeats of the scenario Blynk app must be restarted, as starts to be unstable.

You can send logs from the app - I will check them later.

This is a recently added feature, which had not been tested a lot, so it is expected to have some bugs.

BLE and Bluetooth widget’s do not reflect the state of it’s connection - they are green when they has been configured (connected once) and bluetooth is on in settings.

Thanks for reply. Once I collect enough data to post here I will update the topic. Meanwhile I am about to open another topic, as I noticed huge slow-down of loop() once Blynk gets connected. I am not sure whether it is BLE possibility limits or a flaw in my app design. Want to consult it here.

Anyway, regarding BLE in Blynk. If I pair BLE device with phone there is no way to connect, Blynk refuses within a less than second and say only “can’t, try again later…”

@BlynkAndroidDev, logs sent via email. In case needed more info or logs just tell me. Thanks.

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Can you specify the hardware you are using? I’ve tried with esp32 on my side - app works correctly, and reconnects back to hardware in play mode if it was disconnected and reconnected again.

What exactly do you mean under “BLynk app unstable” after several reconnects?