BLE(Arduino 101) and Server

What I am wanting to do is when my phone is connected to my Arduino 101 by BLE, I want it to save data that my Arduino is sending to my phone. I know there are cloud servers set up with Blynk or you can set up a local host but I am hoping for confirmation (and some help) on if I will be able to save the data. Also, how would I access that data?

The server is what “saves” the data (virtual pin data) for use in Graph Widgets, CSV downloads of graph data, etc. And Server is not available with Blynk’s BT/BLE link. Your current Blynk options are:

App <–BT/BLE (direct link)–> Hardware (App still needs internet for account login)


App <–WiFi/internet/network–> Server (Cloud or Local) <–WiFi/internet/network–> Hardware

Not both.

But you could always add in an SD Card Reader module to your hardware and write your code to save data to that.

Thanks for a reply! That is how I thought it worked but I wanted to make sure. The problem is that my device will be out in a field were there is no internet (without an expensive phone bill) so I do have a SD Reader on there but the device will be close to or in a beehive so I don’t really wanna get that close.