Black background?

Hi all Blynkers.

How to change blackground to black ?


@YJB do you have the Sparkfun red and grey theme at the moment and are you using a local or cloud server?


There were 2 questions.

The colors are grey and red snd the server is the cloud server

You can select standard Blynk Black or Sparkfun Red and Grey themes with a local server but I think for now you are stuck with your theme on the cloud server.

Is it possible to chose a standard black theme for a new project on the cloud server ?

Not as far as I know.

@Costas On cloud server, doesn’t the red and grey theme only appear when you chose a Sparkfun based board?? Couldn’t he just choose an Arduino, Photon, ESP named equivalent (pinwise), if available? That would then automatically switch to the Black theme?

@YJB What is the exact type of Sparkfun board you are using?

@Gunner yes with care it should be possible to select a similar board type and get the “black and green” Blynk theme

The Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing has the none standard pins defined at and the generic pins at

Generic pins for the LED etc are available at and they show pin 1 as the LED whereas it is pin 5 on a “Thing” etc.

The Sparkfun Blynk Board has many extras that are not seen on a standard ESP8266 board like an onboard Si7021 Temp/Humidity sensor and a WS2812 RGB LED etc. By default the ESP8266 GitHub doesn’t have an entry for the Sparkfun Blynk board because it is so different to a regular ESP8266 and neither does the Arduino IDE.

The “Blynk board” can be added to the Arduino IDE with the following entry in Additional Board URL’s textbox (File, Preferences from the menu).

Perhaps @Pavel or @Dmitriy could indicate what “safe” settings Sparkfun board owners can select if they wanted to use the black and green theme.

Soon we will provide “Theme selector”. For now this is not recommended :slight_smile:.

My project is running on ESP8266 - 12F standalone and in Blynk App I selected Sparkfun Blynk Board to have Grey and Red theme. All my widgets are linked to virtual pins and it works perfectly.

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