Beta tester wanted - Get free product

I’m looking for a beta tester (in the US) who can give me some feedback on something I’m working on. It’s a smart curtain rod that automatically opens and closes your curtains for you, making morning easier and evening more private. I will give one away completely free.

I’d prefer if you understood a bit about Blynk, but I’m assuming everyone here does :slight_smile:

The app is available in the app store so you won’t need to set anything up with Blynk.

I’ve been using this thing for 5 months and I think you will really like it!

You can see what it looks like on

Please send me a private message if interested. Thanks!



Awesome initiative, Daniel.

I’d like to be a tester! Will apply later.

Wondering why do you think Blynk experience is a plus for a tester?

Hey Pavel, I will be waiting :slight_smile:

And I think Blynk experience is good in order for the user to know the capabilities and limititations of Blynk. This way they can suggest fixes, or even better, new features that are capable within Blynk that I have overlooked.

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