Beta Access?

So the code on github is the server and device side. Only the KS Beta testers have access to the iphone/andriod apps at this point? Is that correct?

Hi, yes. Apps are for Beta Testers only.

What are the requirements to become a beta tester?

Blynk Beta is open for Early Testers backers (those who pledged $100 for our campaign on Kickstarter) and for journalists, bloggers and hardware manufacturers.

Hi @Pavel, I am looking forward your quadcopter control feature Blynk Joystick widget for Quadcopter control . I and our few friends are developing quadcopter. We are looking forward this feature. Is that feature functioning now?

It just occurred to me that it is impressive that you have people paying for the privilege of beta testing for you. I understand the concept of paying for early access as a developer but not as an end user.


We were also looking at it from the perspective of an early access. We think it’s a great indicator of interest and will to support from this amazing group of people. All the feedback, some of which is already on our roadmap, is a way to influence the product, which is more than just testing.