Best way to track heat usage in my greenhouse

I have a greenhouse controller set up with most of the bugs worked out. It monitors temp/humidilty/CO2. It turns on a heater, aux heater (if 1st heater does warm it up soon enough), and an exhaust fan in summertime.
I have some nice graphs of the sensor data in my blynk app. I’d like to have a graph - a time line showing how much time the heater was on. So you could look back over the last month and see how much time it was on each day. I’m not sure the best way to do this.
What I know how to do is this: when the heater kicks on, I note the millis, and when it kicks off, I can calculate the millis that it was on. But how to save/send that data to the blynk server in a way it can be used in a graph? Should I keep a sum of it per day and send a value (in minutes) to a virtual pin in the cloud for the graph? If I wanted to see an hourly view of “heat on” time, I’d need to send it hourly, but If I send it hourly, I don’t know if there’d be a way to view the graph in a ‘daily usage’, which is probably the best way to view my usage. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Just use a binary setting in your Super Chart… set a vPin (or digital?) HIGH when heater ON and LOW when OFF… the chart does the rest

WHOAH! This sounds super easy! I already have a virtual pin connected to an LED widget in the app–the LED is on when the heat is on. I’ll have to research out what a binary setting is! Thanks so much!


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