Best way to offer the app to clients

I was wondering which is the best way to offer my Blink application to a client.
It’s a single client, single application. There might be a case where both me and the client should have access to the project and the API token, while in other cases only the client.

The only right and legal way of using Blynk commercially is to sign up for the plan listed here:

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So even if I sell one application una tantum I need the plan? How can I manage the costs if I don’t know for how long the client is going to use it? It’s very different if it is one month or 10 years :slight_smile: .

Usually, when building a commercial IoT solution there are three major options:

  1. Design and build your own app, server, firmware
  2. Hire freelancers or contractor who will design and develop apps, server, firmware
  3. Use a platform like Blynk to get an out-of-the-box solution

Any enterpreneurship is a risk management task and a game of playing with resources like: people, budget, time to market, etc.

So you can spend more time to build your own app, or spend more money (and time) on someone who will build it for you, or save without investing a lot upfront, mitigate risks, and get faster to market with a platform.