Best Blynk Node-Red Palette?

When I try and add a Blynk palette to Node-Red I see 3 possible ones?


I am new to both Blynk and Node-Red.

Which one should I use please?

I see you have another Node-Red topic, so are you still looking for answers?

I haven’t used Node-red, but I can guess the the bridge one is in reference to Blynk Bridge between devices and the websockets one is probaly Webhook connections with other internet based links… the ws one is probably just the same thing, just a duplicate?

You should use node-red-contrib-blynk-ws

The websockets one is the original and has now effectively been retired. I think it’s still there for backwards comparability. I started by using the websockets version but have since migrated to the ws version which is better because it has more nodes available and therefore more functionality.
The ws version allows you to change the properties of widgets using the blynk-ws-out-set-property node, so you can do things like changing the changing the colour and text of widgets. This can be a bit clunky to use, but it does work.

I’ve never tried the bridge node, but it doesn’t seem to offer anything that isn’t already available via the ws node.