Best Blynk device for only virtual pins?

I am running a Python script on my Raspberry Pi using the Python lib, which only supports virtual pins.

I want to specify a device in the project on my Android phone which only has virtual pins (and many of them). Does such a device exist?

I am currently using Generic Board(Ethernet) and it works (since I am not selecting any analog or digital pins), but I’d like something cleaner. It’s not a show-stopper since everything is working.

Thanks - Steven

Can’t get much more generic than GENERIC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But alas, no, there appears to be NO vPin only choice (which admittedly I also found strange), but it truly is a non-issue, aside from something to ignore when picking new pins.

There is a selection of RPi boards if you want to at least have the correct device type show in the App.