Batttery driven Arduino+GSM with Blynk?

Hello Blynk-Community,
I am currently setting up a small project for a friend who is a huntsman and who hunts small animals like rats with traps. This traps need an electronic unit that reports if the trap has catched an animal and that have to give a status update two times a day, in the morning and in the evening. Due to the reason that this traps are out in the woods, it is necessary that this electronic unit work on batteries and with very low energy consumption.
I would like to use a Arduino Pro Mini and a SIM 800L Module, I already figured out how to upload data to thingspeak, send SMS and so on.
Now I have found out the Blynk is supporting GSM Modules and made some tests with it, which look good. My questions now are the following:

  • does it make sens to use Blynk in the described setup? The system is online only 2 times a day for about a minute. Will that be sufficient for a reliable use?
  • are there any users that already have some experience regarding the use of the gsm modules with Blynk and who can give me some advise?
    Thanks and Regards

As much as I like Blynk… I don’t see any benefit (aside from the technical challenge) of utilising it for this one way transmission of limited data and limited frequency.

Since Blynk really requires a server link to transmit any data. You would sacrifice programming effort, cell data charges (for the extra data overhead) and possibly a bit extra battery power just to make that all work reliably, all for a twice daily check in, when a simple SMS will do the same thing.

That all said… there is that whole challenge thing that sometimes makes the success worth the little extra effort and expense. Make the traps with exercise wheels powering little generators and lots of Blynk controlled wheel speed, rat respiration rates, etc… oh and RGB lighting and buzzers to entertain the App user and the rat…
…at least until the huntsman comes and thunks it (the rat, not the user) on the head :rat: :hammer: :skull_crossbones:

Hahaaha. Dr Brown is at it again. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

You CAN perfectly employ Blynk with this scenario - but you’ll have to write your connection and power management code yourself.

Not quite, Blynk PUSH messages are free, SMS is not free.

I agree though that Blynk is a lot less powerful for a system that is switched off for 99% of the day.

Entirely subjective arguments can be made… Where I live, SMS and cellular data charges are separate things, I have unlimited (and international) SMS included in my plan, but I pay extra for data.

@Gunner I think separate SMS and Data tariffs is a general global concept but if you chose to use Blynk for this project I believe you would select the cheapest data only tariff. Bit of a guess on my part here but I suspect the best data only tariff would be better than the best SMS only tariff for this particular project.

Again, subjective… the last time I linked a cellular capable tablet up with a SIM, it was only $10/month for unlimited SMS, but data, if wanted, started at $25/month.

Anyhow, I never stated Blynk was a bad option, just gave my advice as asked :wink: In fact my nature would be TO use Blynk, just for the challenge of it (perhaps without the hamster wheel), but then I tend to do things the hard way anyhow, just to learn.

You should look at Sigfox. If you have the coverage, that may be the best way. An interrupt when you actually catch something or even a keep alive message every day and you’re golden.


Thank you for your idea. However, please take note of time/date stamps when posting, this topic is is over 5 months old. (and the OP hasn’t been seen since anyhow :wink: )