Balance problem

Hello. I have a problem with my balance. I have enough energy on it but when I trying to create new project with QR code. Can’t to add because of “not enough energy”

  1. log in/log out not working

How do you know this?
What’s your energy balance, and what’s the QR code of the project that you trying to clone?


I scan code and got message “not enough energy” But I have enough.
My balance is was 5600 and QR should spend 3000

How do you know that?


because I have already apply this code. But then I delete project and want to scan it again

Okay, look at it from a developer’s point of view. Without the QR code there is no way for them to replicate the problem, and no opportunity for anyone else to check-out the issue and report back that they do or don’t have the same problem.

You could wait for one of the (very busy) developers to step-in and help - if you want that to happen then you’ll need to say whether this is happening on an Android or iOS device, or both.
Or, you could post the QR code hear and let us take a look at whether we have the same problem.


code from here

There are two QR codes in that topic. I just scanned them using an iOS device and they each used-up exactly 5000 units of Blynk energy…



If you have 5600 units of available energy then please do the following:

  1. state whether you are using an iOS or Android device
  2. post a screenshot of your current available energy
  3. post a message showing the “insufficient energy” message that you receive when you scan the QR code(s)

When you do this, I’ll tag the appropriate developer to take a look at the issue.


Or skip one mug of coffee/tea/beer and add more energy :wink: