Backup from app

I like to ask, if I can make a backup from my Blynk app.
Is it possible with a local server? I found no information about it here.

Greetings, Michael

I am not understanding on what are you trying to achieve ? Are you trying to backup your project in the app ? If yes then use the clone project and store it safe(QR code image). If you want to backup the files on the local server then you will have to copy the whole Blynk folder on to a diff storage and keep it safe.

If you are not trying to none of the above then please give us more details. May be someone can help.

yes, I like to store the android app!
So, if I have a own server, the app is stored inside?

You cannot store the app but you can store the project as i mentioned above using the QR code. so later when you need it back you can just scan the code and have the project running again, But you will have a new auth token so u need to flash you devices with the new token…

And server has the details of the widgets you are using, but you cannot clone the project later with those details, and if you delete the project from your app the server will delete the data of the project.

Thank you!
So, there is no way, to store the whole project?

Can you please elaborate on what you are tying to achieve ? May be i am missing out something from your explanation. What do mean by WHOLE PROJECT ?

If you clone the the project with the QR code then its a total backup of your project, but the auth token will not be a part of the backup.