Backing up the Blynk Local Server - Relevant Files

Hi all. I have now successfully got a working Blynk server on a Win 7 platform thanks to the help and guidance docs on the Forum and community.

As part of the ‘server management’ process I am backing up the server’s ‘Blynk’ and ‘Users’ log files but are these all the files needed to recover a Blynk server? Surely there must be a database file somewhere that contains stored passwords etc for users registered on the local server. For example I deleted a working user in the ‘users’ file, then I tried creating a new user from the Blynk app with the same ID. The server responded with the message that the user exists which implies a there are other files which exist which stores user data.
Many thanks in anticipation.

Hello. @Hafod for local server all data is stored in dataFolder that you specified during server launch.

java -jar server-0.16.0.jar -dataFolder /path

I retained the default dataFolder /path argument in the command line when setting up the Java server (unchanged):

However I did modify the Windows system variable and path to point to the location of the Java executable on my desktop PC. So, is this the location of files to be backed up?

In that case it is probably in temp folder. Try to search file name like “u_EMAIL.user” where EMAIL is user account.

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Hi Dmitriy. Yes, the user files were located in ‘C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Local\Temp\blynk’ on my PC. I opened the user files and they indeed contain user registration and Blynk project data.
Many thanks again. Mike

I recommend you to specify full path to data folder as temporary directories may be removed by OS at any time.

Hi Dmitriy. yes I can see the logic to this. I have set a Windows environment ‘JAVA_HOME’ to c:\programfiles\Java\JDK_1.8.0_71 but presumably this is not sufficient. If I created a data folder for server data files in the following path say, is the following syntax correct:

java -jar server-0.16.0.jar -dataFolder /“C:\Blynk_Server\JavaDataFiles”

This command line would then be contained in the Java server autoexec startup file.
Really not sure about this.

Many thanks

java -jar server-0.16.0.jar -dataFolder C:/Blynk_Server/JavaDataFiles

Should work for sure.

That’s great. Thank you.