Background notifications not working, if logged in on multiple phones


i have the same problem as yesterday, again. now i tested a bit more detailed, but still could not find a logical answer to the problem:

  • all phones are android (4.2, 6.0, 7.0), different brands / models

  • using official blynk cloud server, with latest library and latest app (2.15.1)

  • cleared app data, cache, clean installed latest blynk app on all phones from google play

  • i’ve created a new project in a new user account, with the following notifications settings:
    notify when hw goes offline: on
    offline ignore period: instant
    priority: high
    sound: default

  • if i log in only on a single phone, everything works fine, tested for several days. i receive notifications:
    if app is in foreground
    if app is in background
    if screen is off
    if hw goes offline
    so, everything is working correctly.

  • but, if i log in with the same account on a second (and third) phone, the notification system begins to work erratically:

in the beginning, on the first phone, notifications are working correctly, but on the second and third phone from the beginning notifications are delivered only if the app is in foreground. if i put the app in background or close the screen, no notifications are received.

but after a while, even on the first phone i no longer receive any notifications, only if the app is in foreground. if i put the app in background or close the screen, no notifications are received. (i.e., notifications are useless if i must keep the app in foreground!)

i logged out on the second and third phone, cleared cache, cleared app data, uninstalled app. on the first phone i’ve deleted notification widget, re-added, etc, even after this, i no longer receive notifications on the first phone, only if the app is in foreground!

i’ve tried this experiment with 2 different projects, and with 2 different user accounts, it was the same result in both cases. so, something is definitely off!

also tested on different wifi networks, even with mobile data, different network providers, no difference.

any help would be appreciated, because in 2 days we have the project presentation for the client, and it will be unusable without reliably working notifications :frowning:


We do not support full sync between several ‘master’ accounts (but mostly it works), it should work in the case of shared access to the project. When @Dmitriy will return after vacation, he will probably add some details on this issue.

i do not understand exactely what you mean by this.

but what it seems a bug for me, that even AFTER i logged out, cleared cache, uninstalled app from all the other phones, i still couldn’t receive notifications on the first phone, only if the app was in foreground.
but not in background anymore.

yesterday, regarding the log on to multiple devices and notifications, @Dmitriy said it should work…

On what version of the Android does it not working - on all listed? I’ll check, I’ve thought it is only Android O issue.

In any case we do not recommend to rely on the several same logins into the app. I’ll check this.

Could you reproduce this issue with a log build from the thread on eventor?

thanks for looking into this. unfortunately, i can’t afford more information, because me to not really understand the mechanism of this behaviour. if you think that i should do some debug log, let me know.

please read carefully the first post in this topic, where i try to describe the problem.

until i was logged in from one phone only (no matter the android version) the notifications worked correctly in all scenarios.

since i logged in to a second phone (no matter the android version) with the same blynk account, the notifications no longer worked, only with foreground app.

we will try to use the shared mode per your reccomendarion, but this has some drawbacks, because only one person can edit the app…

i would be courious if someone else could reproduce this issue, based on the steps in the original post. or i’m doing something incorrectly?

@Costas, @Gunner, @Fettkeewl? anyone have some time for this experiment?

i will try. but i’m not sure how to do it?
should i install the log build to all the phones i will use, and send the log build from all of them?

It has same signature as the release build. So it would be enough to install it only on one of your devices.

ok. give me some time and i will send the logs.

Ok, I’m reworking notifications work due to Android O specific issues, so I’ll later add here a link also to a new build with a fix to notifications show in background.

You could also try this build -

Sorry Wanek I sold my second phone on Sunday, last weekend. Only got one now so can’t test this :slight_smile:

i see. thanks anyway for the feedback!

already discussed in the emails, but i will write here too, for further reference:

i could not reproduce the issue with the provided new build. tested so far with 2 projects, and 2 android phones, notifications are working fine (fingers crossed). will test for some days further, just to be sure it works. thanks @BlynkAndroidDev for the fine support! :wink:

also, the offline device monitoring looks better in this build:


i have observed that the offline device icon is not always refreshing when a device goes offline. sometimes i have to click on the chip icon to open the device list to refresh.

It is usually updated with both device goes offline notice. I’ll recheck one more time it, but if such notice has not been shown, icon also would not be updated