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Hi I’m relatively new at this and I need some help. I want to set an Arduino Uno to signal through my wifi that the garage door is open. I’ve got this serial printing but when I add the code to enable pins 1 and 2 to light LED’s via Blynk I get coding errors. I’m sure it’s an ID10T error but help please.

Here’s the code.

Thanks in advance

also how can I make serial monitor print to Blynk


Please follow instructions in sketch.

 * For this example you need Adafruit_CC3000_Library library:
         * Note: Firmware version 1.14 or later is preferred.

I thought I had included that but I’ll check thanks also how can I read the serial monitor in Blynk. As far as I can tell upgrading the cc3000 is easier said than done.

@JimSVMI83 look up the soft serial sketches for debug in serial monitor with Uno’s and Nano’s.