Ayuda/help: data.folder (server local Blynk)


Instale el server local blynk en mi raspberry pi (version: java -jar server-0.41.16.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk

La cual anda bien, pero cuando reinicio la pi, se borran todos los usuarios.

Probe poner el archivo en el mismo lugar que el archivo .jar “server.properties”
data.folder =/home/pi/Blynk

Pero no funciona


Install local blynk server on my raspberry pi (version: java -jar server-0.41.16.jar -dataFolder / home / pi / Blynk

Which is fine, but when I restart the pi, all users are deleted.

Try putting the file in the same place as the .jar file “server.properties”
data.folder = / home / pi / Blynk

But it does not work

What users? Is this your first Local Server install, or did you have one running before.

If it was your first, then be aware that a Local Server and Blynk’s Cloud are totally independent of each other. You are starting from scratch with a new Local Server install.