Awake ESP8266 from sleep mode with blynk app

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I have a general question about sleep mode from ESP8266. Is there any possibility to awake the ESP8266 from light sleep or even from deep sleep by blynk app? In my case the microcontroller needs to be ready for operation at any time. It’d be a problem if the user needs to awake the microcontroller manually because my project is based on remote control.
If there is no possibility to awake the ESP8266 from light or deep sleep by blynk app, is there another way to awake it with a remote solution? Or is there another microcontroller which would allow this ?

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“Hey guys, my phone battery is low, so I’m going to turn it off. If you need to get hold of me then call me, or send me an SMS, and I’ll turn it back on again”

Can you see the fatal flaw in this approach?

The same applies to an ESP in either light or deep sleep. In this mode the WiFi is turned off, so it can’t ‘hear’ the remote instruction to wake up.


Yes this makes sense to me.
The ESP8266 consumes approximately 80mA in action. So I guess there is no chance to supply the module with a battery, if I want a ‘always ready to opperate solution’ and a lifetime of more than just a few days?
Is this this the conclusion?

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That’s correct.
There are options around rechargeable batteries, solar top-up etc but it all depends on your use case for the project.

If your ‘always ready’ criteria could be limited to certain times of day (sleeping for fairly long periods during the night maybe) then you have some possibility to extend the battery life.


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Thanks for your help Pete!