Avoid gzipping on local server

Dear Blynk Team,
for my projects I’m using a local server on a cloud computer and everything is going fine. Every midnight the files are rotated and zipped as reported in the doc.
But, for post processing needs, I would prefer to avoid the zipping and to have a single file (for each virtual pin) containing all data since the first moment of start of the program. This to avoid to open manually all the zipped files and create a single file. Is it possible?
Thanks and best regards,

How do u create local service can u guide me I did lot of search couldn’t understand could u help me plz if u have time for that thanks

@Gianca hello, this is possible, but effort is for few hours. So I recommend you just to make simple script that unpacks all you need, it will take few minutes with google.

@dananmo https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server#requirements

Hi Dmitriy,
thank you for your suggestion ! I will work on !!


Hi Dananmo,
I just followed the instruction reported on Blynk Docs. Nothing more.
Begin following these instructions and then, if you need further support on specific points, I’ll help you.