[AUTOSOLVED] Issue with project clone with local server 1.9.0

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new problem, two days ago my raspberry has corrupted partition, and I had to reinstall all over again, I installed the latest 1.9.0 the local server, I created a new account (with the usual username and password of the previous installation) and I imported the project I had via barcode, until everything is right, then I go to retrieve the new token from the app, but instead of the token I find the word “token updating …”, then I go the administration page of the server and see that the section where normally are given tokens is empty. I tried to create a barcode from an 'other dashboard but the problem persists. I have find a bug?

Forget it, ten minutes ago I checked the administration page and magically appeared the token, you see that he needed time :grinning:

Just a small advise, copy the content of your Sd to the computer and if it happens again in a really short time you will be able to run Blynk again.

Is that reproducible?

Don’t know, I must reinstall all, tomorrow I try on other raspberry

I’ve try with other raspberry, the first is raspberry pi2 and this is pi3, the problem is not showing, maybe it was a random error