Autonomous work with sim800

Good afternoon, dear users and developers, I did not find the thread or question that interests me, so I decided to create a new topic. I am creating an Arduino mega device using the sim800 shield, the sketch is taken from the example and I do not consider it necessary to add it to the message. I faced such a problem: when using the blynk application, the device works, it transfers data correctly, but if there is no connection with the server or a gsm connection, the device stops working. Help make a device that can work both in the network and autonomously. Sorry if the translation is bad, I am from Russia. Thanks.

The Blynk.begin command is a blocking command. If it can’t establish a connection to the Blynk server then the code execution will stop at that point, so the Mega will be unresponsive.

If you look at topics like this, then you’ll see the solution…


Tell me where to look, in which branch? I’m new to this forum.

I don’t understand your question.
I’ve given you a link to another topic on the forum. Click it and read what it says.


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