Automation question for newbie

Quick question, if i set an automation to forward data to another device, if the vpin 20 is on with the main esp it turns on the secondary esp to trigger a function. The question is when the v20 pin is off does it forward that to the secondary esp so the vpin on that device is off or 0 ?

I think you’d need to clarify your question, share details of your automation, and share details of the template/datastream setup for each device for the question to make sense.


Its pretty basic, on my main esp i have a condition that if 5 physical buttons go low it virtual writes v20 as a 1, so the widget is on. On the second esp i have a v16 pin that if its on it plays a mp3 specific mp3 track, basically changes a buttonState =1. It works on the template fine. So I created an automation so the v20 forwards the data to v16 eg if one is on then so is the other. What im wondering is if v20 is off with v16 copy it or do i need another automation to do this?

As I said earlier, I don’t really have enough information to comment, so I’ll take a step back until you provide the sort of info that I’ve asked for.


I didnt think i was being that difficult i thought it was a general question. Nevermind ill try work it out.