Automation for offline device

I want to set up automation in case the device is offline and can be seen directly from the Dashboard. This is the same as Input Time in the previous version. But I didn’t find any tool that can do this in the new version. Please help me… :sob:

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Offline automation is under development and will be out soon on the plus n pro plans. Right now automation works only when the internet is up n running. If you need offline automation, then you will have to think of walk around.

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I guess a lot of people need this function and it should be updated soon.

I hope this is the same topic. How can one device see if another device is offline?

I see the OFFLINE Event at the Template/Device level, which seems to work: the OFFLINE Event shows in the Timeline.
How can I see that OFFLINE Event from another device?

http api

Thanks. How are you using the HTTP API?
I’ve investigated the approach. That works well to trigger an event.

How do you use an HTTP API call to get offline/online status, please?
I have not figured that one out, am using data invalidation now to signal an offline device using default values.

I am waiting for Blynk’s Offline automation, too. Still porting old Blynk apps to Blynk 2.0, learning every day.
Thanks again.