Automation emails


I am trying to use Send-Email using automations.

I currently have a arduino scanner that updates blynk virtual pin 1 to the scanned value from the arduino and then a text input settings box (virtual pin 2) where I write about what I have scanned using the blynk app.

I have set virtual pin 0 to a switch state which is what triggers the automation to send the email.
How can I send in the email the current value of V1 and V2?

The help documentation suggests I can:
Send Email will send an email to one or more Users with optional details about the Organization, Template name, Device name, and/or Datastream value included (availability of each depends on the Datastream data type and type of automation).

All I can see is how to send the trigger value, which in my case is just going to be a 1 from the switch.

Thanks in advance,

Hello, You can use events, at a certain value in pins.

so when V0 is pressed how does the event send the value of V1 and V2 via email?

I think need automation or code for this.

For example

  1. Automation (Device state)
    v0 forward data to v1 and v0 forward data to v2+send email

  2. And some custom code, like

if (value v0 ==v1) {
Blynk.logEvent(“value v0 =v1”);

OK, so since I want to send v1 and v2 I’m going to have to build them both into a string. Pity this can’t be done solely using automation and relies on code.