Automated Pet Feeder

Greetings guys

I’ve started today working on the blynk thingy as I found it interested, I’ve done many projects with arduino in the past so my knowledge level is Intermediate.

This Time im planning to do an Wifi controlled automated dog feeder with a NodeMCU board running on USB power or batteries.

The board will be controlled by an app I just made (still under development) that takes the time inputs from the user and feeds accordingly.

The board will be controlling a stepper motor that pushes food to the tray by rotating some levers.

-can I make the variable sliders determine the motor revolutions count ? And another slider for motor speed ?

I’ve added these sliders in the app, do I need to change the coding and add a delay and stuffs before compiling ? OR make the code reads these values and multiply it to work properly?


Perhaps spend more than 1 minute reading time before asking questions? :thinking:

Use the search function!


The answer is yes and that this project exists.

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