Authorization code entry in Arduino causes compliation error

I’m migrating from the older Blynk to the new Blynk and have my device connected. I notice in the example sketch “Blynk.Edgent/Edgent_ESP8266” that there is the entry for the:

/#define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID “TMPxxxxxx”
//#define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME “Device”

but no entry for SSID or password for wifi so I entered those also:

char ssid[] = “&%^$&*”; (not showing actual ssid)

char pass[] = “^&^%&^%”; (not showing actual password)

Now I notice that my list an authorization token so I’ve pasted that also at the top of my sketch like this:

#define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME “Entry Light Sketch”
#define BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN “^&%$%$&^R&%&$%$&()&(not showing actual token)

Up to the point before I added the #define BLYK_AUTH_TOKEN line to my sketch, everything compiled correctly. Once I added the BLYN_AUTH_TOKEN line and tried to compile I get an error in the “ConfigStore.h” stating "Compilation error: expected ‘,’ or ‘;’ before BLYNK_WIFI_SSID’

Any idea why including the #define BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN “^&%$%$&^R&%&$%$&()&” causes my sketch not to compile?

Here is the first part of my sketch for referencef:

#define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME "Entry Light Sketch"
#define BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN "zNTm_qc-bHvVr_pia0CgZzifBg65Txes"  

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/* Fill in information from your Blynk Template here */
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// following are new blynk parameters and settings


char ssid[] = "solidguy92";
char pass[] = "xxxxxxxxx";

#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
//#define BLYNK_DEBUG

#include <FastLED.h>
#define APP_DEBUG

#include "BlynkEdgent.h"
// conclude Blynk settings

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My apologies - I read it as double back ticks…

When you use Blynk Edhent you should not be specifying either the Auth Token or the SSID and password.

Edgent dynamically allocates an Auth token when you provision the device via the app, and of course that’s when you enter your SSID and password too.


Okay thank you for the confirmation - I’m migrating from the old Blynk to the new Blynk and wasn’t sure. I have my app running successfully.


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