Auth Token has changed by itself. Hardware can't connect anymore

A couple of months ago I created a simple project and it did work very well until one day I couldn’t connect my hardware anymore. After checking everything I did figure out that the Auth Token of the project has changed for whatever reasons. I definately haven’t changed it. As I could read some people had a similiar problem in the last time.
However, now I have a special request. Could you please move the projectfiles from the new Auth Token folder on server to the old Token folder which doesn’t exist anymore at the moment?
Without this a friend of mine will have big problems because I am not able to modify my sketch and upload to my hardware because the hardware is in Spain and I am in Asia for the next 7 months.
Many Thanks in advance

This is not possible. You either refreshed token or changed server.

I do not understand what are you asking here.

Thanks for your fast reply.
Server custom IP is to have access to my project from anywhere in the world.
If someone else did refresh the Auth Token without knowing what he/she is doing I can’t say. It’s not impossible but unlikely.
However, I am wondering if you can do the same changes the Blynk-App initiates when you refresh the Auth Token. I think all the project-files will be moved to the new folder of the new token and the old folder will be deleted,
as I could see on your Blynk HTTP RESTful Api (
all project-informations are stored unter the token.
I can provide you with the old and the new token in a pm.
Thanks in advance.