Arrays of widgets

It would be great to have widget arrays. For example, array of indicators. Suppose I have a bunch of themp sensors attached to my arduino, but the number is flexible (the sensors can be added and removed from bus). I could send their names/temperatures as array, and the “array-widget” could display them as 'subwidgets", filling a designated area of presenting a scrollable pane.


Interesting. Saved to pool of ideas

I have similar needs in that I built an 8 head dosing unit, have code to calibrate and run it via Blynk, but now want to add indicating LED widgets for each of the 8 pumps. Everything else in the function is fitted into arrays and indexed accordingly, now just need to also index the LEDs (if possible).

Needless to say, BUMP!

Edit - My issue was resolved HERE. Just wanted to link that post to this for future researchers on this topic.

I think this original idea has since been realised by the Table Widget -

Or are you looking for a LED matrix type widget?.. which is more for simple graphics. Or something else?.. if so I recommend a new Idea Topic (or GitHub request) so as not to be confused with the older ones.

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