Are the Blynk cloud servers down

Since yesterday (March 25 2016) I have been unable to login or create new accounts via the iOS app. This morning I was unable to login to the forums.

Are the cloud servers having problems?



Forum and Blynk cloud are totally different things. However everything is up and running.

Thanks Pavel. I figured as much, but wanted to check.

It looks like my account is in a weird state. If i try to create a new account, it fails because the email address has already been used. If i try to login or reset the password, “we don’t have such an email address”.

I just verified that I can create new accounts with other addresses, which I was unable to do last night – I tried from several networks.

Thanks for your hard work!

Same problem here. I think is the server software because I setup a “local” server, and I was having the same problem. I thought something was miss configured, but after some tries, I was able to create an account and log in. Ufffffff! Frustrating! :frowning: However, if I log out, I have the same problem: “we don’t have such an email address”. Local server and Blynk server report the same.

Same for me. I can only access the forum from one machine as it will not accept my username and password from a second machine.

I’m not getting into my esp8266. I don’t think it’s my code because I haven’t changed it since it was last working. Had to get Dimitri to add my account to a list after I wasn’t able to add widgets,(subscription service going online or something).

@ITAlex so problem with reset password on local server?

@donour could you please provide me with your account.

Yes, Dmitriy, I have the same problem in a local server: “we don’t have such an email address.” After some retries, it let me create an account and log in. If I log out, I get the same message. Once again, after some retries, I am able to log it.

By the way, you guys’ instructions how to install the local server are sooo easy. Its basically, 1, 2, 3, and bang! It works. Good job.

@ITAlex what version of server do you use?

Dmitriy :I used: server-0.14.1.jar, the machine is running Ubuntu latest version 15.04, 64 bits.

@ITAlex How do you try to access local server? From local network or from outside? What IP address do you use?


Its not a “local server” per se, is a cloud server provided by linode,com I access it from my home local network, I use a private IP address to access the public IP address where the server is located. No sure if I answered your question.

@ITAlex you may try to add below properties to


This properties required to enable reset-pass on local server. By default local server ip address is used. So this may be a problem in our case. Also check above port is open on your server.

@Dmitriy is there a way to send you a private message on the community forums? I would rather not post my email address in the clear. Is it the same as the email address for this account, if you can query that directly.

@donour you can send to