Arduino Yun + Arduino 1.6.7 IDE and Slow (or zero) Blynk response

I’m not sure if this is a Blynk Yun library issue or an Arduino IDE issue, but when I upload the same code on the latest IDE vs 1.6.1 onto my Arduino Yun (With current WRT), there is an INCREDIBLE difference in response time- the virtual buttons don’t even really seem to be working correctly with 1.6.7, and I am uploading my code over wifi (fyi). The virtual buttons SOMETIMES work, but it often takes over a minute, and another minute to turn off (if it turns off at all). Additionally, my htu21d (temp / humidity sensor) response time (with Blynk display widgets) is really really poor. I’ve also seen one or two other posts about Yun-Blynk response times with @Pavel suggesting to try local server, but having tried the local server (it doesn’t change the response time), I’ve found installing an older IDE (1.6.1 didn’t seem to have many Yun related issues) is much more effective.

Any thoughts?