Arduino + WS2812B

I was wondering if I can control my WS2812b with my Arduino and Blynk via Wifi with something like zeRGBa.
I have an ESP8266 hooked to some WS2812B and I am controlling them with zeRGBa, and by playing with IFTTT and the Maker Channel I was able to control them via my Amazon Echo Alexa (by just sending web requests to my project with RGB numbers). What I want to do is make the exact same thing but without an ESP and just the Arduino Uno connected to my PC/Mac and Blynk.

Thank you for your precious help ! :slight_smile:

Yes, it works the same way. Just add the library, attach gnd and data and start sending signals

Thank you for your reply. Wich library should I use ?

I recommend the FastLED library and NOT the included Adafruit Neopixel. The last one is really slow.

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My project can help you get started (or just use it if you like)

Ok so my LEDS are on the Digital Pin 6 on my arduino. Whatโ€™s the setup I should use on the Blynk app ? Iโ€™m sorry Iโ€™m a noob with Blynk/Arduino

Yes thanks Iโ€™m already using it :slight_smile:

Cool! You got it working? Should be able to just flash and then load up the blynk app and build the interface according to the settings.h file.