Arduino without connecting to the server

Hello people good night.

I have a problem. the project was running smoothly until the server maintenance, was offline as many others, when it was updated to v0.3.7 it did not work right.

when I open the mobile app, it displays the message that the Arduino is not connected. It connects and loses connection, the project works at some times and not others.

I tried pinging the windows and conxão is Normal
I reinstalled the app on the phone and had no solution
I changed the token and the problem continued
I changed the card from one arduino for a mega, the problem continued.

Someone else with this problem?

remembering that before the server maintenance was working normal.

Remembering that I connect my Arduino with an ethernet shield cable to the internet modem, I changed the cable and the problem persists.

So you updated your device?

What is serial output with debugging?

the mobile app is updating. the library is updated.
I did not understand the second question.

Hi, i had the same problem today. I have known that blynk cloud service had moved so maybe the adress to connect to cloud witch is hidden in the blynk library has also change and there is no way to change it manually. However, if you update the blynk library, it will work(at least it did for me).
The problem is that you will have to re-upload the new updated program in all of your boards, one by one!!!

No, your hardware.

Did you update the hardware? The arduino