Arduino Uno USB serial, blynk script service is unable to connect



My project consisted of a LDR and a PIR sensor module interfaced to an Arduino Uno which i was controlling via my phone. It was working fine but isn’t anymore. Everytime I try to run the file
this message is displayed.

2018/12/01 22:26:52 socat[31483] N opening connection to AF=2
2018/12/01 22:26:52 socat[31483] E connect(6, AF=2, 16): Connection refused
2018/12/01 22:26:52 socat[31483] N exit(1)
Reconnecting in 3s...

I have no idea why this is happening
Does anyone have a solution?
If so, please help.


Something else using same COM/Serial port is the most common reason for the blynk-ser method to fail.


Thanks but doesn’t seem to be the case here


Well, that is ALL that thing does, convert serial to TCP/IP, so there is probably something blocking it… port conflict, incorrect BAUD, AV/firewall, bad connection, bad cable, even bad timing (I have issues auto running mine at boot while my UPS is auto scanning for its own port to use)…


May be. Tried a lot of things, nothing seems to work


Took a bit to catch this… I reformatted your post for clarity…

Why using the wrong port? 8441 has been changed…


But now I am getting “socket closed by peer” instead of connection refused.


Are you trying to connect to a Local Server IP or Blynk cloud… if the latter just try the usual


I did. It is back to connection refused.


Can you show new terminal printout… and perhaps even the script setup.




You are still using the wrong ports in your script :stuck_out_tongue:


my bad.
Thanks a lot. :grinning:


So… works? Solved?