Arduino UNO + ESP8266-01 - Takes too long to be ready


i’ve searched a lot in the forum but couldn’t find a solution for this. If this is a reincident topic, please forgive me.

I’m using ESP8266-01 as a shield with Arduino UNO, standard code and all, nothing much. My problem is, after getting the “connected to wifi” message on my serial monitor, the app still says my UNO is offline. Only after i receive the “ready” message i can use it, but this message takes way too much time to appear.

[10] Blynk v0.3.8 on Arduino Uno [509] Connecting to labeletron [3665] AT version: 20 2015 10:04:26) SDK version:1.0.0 compile time:Mar 20 2015 11:00:32 [10884] +CIFSR:STAIP,"" +CIFSR:STAMAC,"5c:cf:7f:07:0b:bd" [10921] Connected to WiFi [243131] Ready (ping: 23ms).

If you look at the timestamps, you’ll see what i mean. What are the potential causes and fixes for this problem? Thank you very much.

There could be a lot of causes for this behaviour. First of all, why don’t you run the sketch on your ESP? Is there something you require on the UNO that is not on the ESP? Because running directly from the ESP is much more stable.

The latency seems al right though, so it could be interference from neighbouring networks which are causing havoc on the ESP as shield, again, you could check out if that’s the case by running it directly on the ESP.