Arduino Uno Connecting For Usb But Blynk App said Arduino Uno is Offline

hmm… I making dust Measuring instrument But i connecting and i Do Open Script for

cd  "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Arduino\libraries\arduino_986544\scripts"

blynk-ser.bat -c COM2

for cmd and that said

``C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Arduino\libraries\arduino_986544\scripts>blynk-ser.bat -c COM2

And Type Enter 3time…And Result is

Connecting device at COM2 to OpenC0C("\\.\COM2", baud=9600, data=8, parity=no, stop=1) - OK. Connect("", "8442") - OK InOut() START DSR is OFF

He said But Blynk App Said Your Arduino Uno is offline
i tried for android and Iphone
and i Tried to mac
but always thay said Your Arduino Uno is offline

This is my Arduino Code

`#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial

`#define BLYNK_DEBUG
`#include <SPI.h>
`#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
`SoftwareSerial SwSerial(2, 3); // RX, TX
#include <BlynkSimpleSerial.h>

int measurePin = 0; //Connect dust sensor to Arduino A0 pin
int ledPower = 2;   //Connect 3 led driver pins of dust sensor to Arduino D2
  char auth[] = "c0aea80f791849a48bd38f01e3fe1052";
int samplingTime = 280;
int deltaTime = 40;
int sleepTime = 9680;
float voMeasured = 0;
float calcVoltage = 0;
float dustDensity = 0;
  WidgetLCD lcd(V1);
void setup(){
 Serial.begin( 9600 );

  while (Blynk.connected() == false) {
void loop(){
  while (Blynk.connected() == false) {
  } ;
  digitalWrite(ledPower,LOW); // power on the LED
  voMeasured = analogRead(measurePin); // read the dust valuev
  digitalWrite(ledPower,HIGH); // turn the LED off

  calcVoltage = voMeasured * (5.0 / 1024.0);

  dustDensity = 0.17 * calcVoltage - 0.1;

  lcd.clear(); //Use it to clear the LCD Widget
  lcd.print(4, 0, " - Dust Density: "); 
  lcd.print(4, 1, dustDensity); 
  Serial.print(" - Dust Density: ");
  Serial.println(dustDensity); // unit: mg/m3

And i Want to capture a Serial Monitor but Arduino Said "Port Busy"
Please Help ME (OTL)

For Korean
안녕하세요, 질문 한가지 올립니다..ㅠㅠ 
제가 미세먼지 측정기를 만드는데 스크립트를 실행 해도 위와 같은 값 밖에 나오지 않아요...
아두이노 코드도 올렸구요.. 그런데 시리얼 모니터를 올리고 싶은데 "PORT BUSY" 라는 말을 하구요.. 어떻게 하신거죠...도와주세요!!

Hello. Please use </> for code formatting. As first step please try to use default sketch with no own modifications and tell us if that works for you.

OK…And i Tried for Default Sketch But That have a same result…Please…And How to Watch Serial Monitor…ㅠㅠ

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