ARDUINO UNO+CC3000 breakout+ wifi NETWORK or mobile access point don't work

HELLO! everybody, i’ve some problem to do work my adafruit CC3000 breakout board to my network.
in france, so i want to bring my data in cloud to looking at in
realtime during measurement. So for this i have connected my arduino uno
with the wifi CC3000 adafruit breakout board like this in this link:

i’ upload to the arduino card the buildtest enterring my home network
and my password in the sktech to test the wifi board CC3000, Normaly i
would must see like in this link:

. so when i run , i oberve that in the Serial monitor:

Hello, CC3000!

RX Buffer : 131 bytes
TX Buffer : 131 bytes
Free RAM: 1200

Initialising the CC3000 …

don’t see no more, so i did some rechearches to find the proble (number
of canal out of USA outside 1 through 11, SPI clock divider…), i dont
know what i have to do.
Please someone can help me, please!!

Hi, we’d love to help, but you might get answer at adafruit forum/support faster.

This forum is primarily about Blynk.

BTW many users have reported issues with CC3000. It’s pretty unreliable chip.

okay thank you very much