Arduino nano + esp01 blynk lost wifi connection blynk.begin

Hi I have a big problem with the arduino nano + wifi esp01 that I can’t solve in a long time, in practice when the wifi connection is missing, the program stops on blynk.begin and doesn’t go further, I have to turn off the power to arduino and then reconnect if the wifi is already on. I had already tried via avr / wdt.h with wdt 8S but unfortunately 8 seconds are not enough for me to connect via wifi. How can I solve this problem ? ,

   /* Comment this out to disable prints and save space */
#include <ESP8266_Lib.h>
#define ESP8266_BAUD 115200
#define EspSerial Serial // Hardware Serial on Mega, Leonardo, Micro...
ESP8266 wifi(&EspSerial);
#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial 
#include <BlynkSimpleShieldEsp8266.h>

char ssid[] = "test"; char pass[] = "test";  char auth[] = "a389dbba6ddfsfwefe46drtthyu43"; 
void setup() { 
  Blynk.begin(auth, wifi,ssid, pass); 
void loop() {;

Use Blynk.config instead, give it a try.

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Hello psoro , with Blynk.config i receive

no matching function for call to ‘BlynkWifi::config(char [33], ESP8266&, char [10], char [12])’

You have to call the function correctly as follows:

void setup() 
    // Don't need this for UNO/Nano
    // This is blocking call, use Blynk.config() instead
   //Blynk.begin(auth, wifi,ssid, pass); 

    Blynk.config(wifi, auth);
    Blynk.connectWiFi(ssid, pass);

    int i = 0;
    while ((i++ < 20) && !Blynk.connect()) 
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again thanks for your help :slight_smile: now reconnects to perfection.