Arduino mega went offline, project is disconnected

I keep getting random messages that my project is offline. I am not sure why as it appears that I can still control the project. I am not logging out of the dashboard when I press the home button on my iPhone. Hardware is Mega R3 with Arduino ether shield, iPhone is V9.1. This is a recent issue.

What does your serial output show?

I have no idea. The project is located in my boat. So, I would have to travel there and connect it to a laptop

It could be bad internet connection. What internet do you have on boat? Is that stable?


I use a cellular connection. T-Mobile with a cradlepoint modem, IBR600LPE.It has been very stable and this is the only connection I have used since my project went live. This has never happened. Since I have been typing this, I have received two more messages.

I was going to send you copies of my cellular data usage but they are.pdf and I am not able to upload them, sorry. Anyway, I stopped the app and shut my phone completely off then re-started everything. Now the project does not connect at all. I will have to head out to the boat to re-set the project so I can start eliminating things.


For debugging purposes I recommend you to install local server (with trace mode), it will show exactly what is going on. Problem could be in your code or in internet connection (bad weather for instance).


Thanks for the help. I unfortunately will not be able to install local server. I cannot see the forest for the trees. I have read and re-read the documents and forum posts too many times to count. This is just above me. I am sure the directions make perfect sense to someone like yourself, but for me (little to no coding experience) I will not be able to do as you susggest.

I did make it over to the boat and I do have an internet connection.

and when I stepped on the boat, it correctly set off the alarm and sent me a message

So, I do have a working internet connection and my project functioned as it should when I set off the alarm, which is siren sounded, lights came on and text message was sent.

FYI, the code for this project has not changed in 6 months. I will look elsewhere for now.

Thank you

can you post your code? i had connectivity issues, and have learned a lot by sorting them out.