Arduino login timeout

I use Arduino MKR1000 with TMP36 sensor. It was working all right and then one day it did’t connect to blynk-cloud. Why?

Solar flares?

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It might be helpful if you provided more info… your code and any other info would be useful.

right now, what your saying is
hey, yesterday my hamster was alive.. and today he's dead, WHY?


Hungry cat?


No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’!


Do I have to make another char auth[] so that my Arduino have new blynk token?

It would be a good idea to refresh your Auth code, now that you’ve shared your existing one on a public forum.

I’m a bit confused about the two serial ports that you’ve defined in your code.


I’m not familiar with the hardware you’re using, so I don’t know how many UARTs it has and how they’re referenced. What you have in your code might be fine, and if it was working before then that’s not why your hamster died :cry:


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Those are the milliseconds passed since boot

Is your device indicating WiFi connection? What it the ping? Have you tried DEBUG?

You should fully describe hardware and connections as well as show the entire Serial print from logo to the first few “Connecting to…”, if you expect us to have better understanding.

I am looking for a way to reset the MKR1000 board within in a sketch, based on a certain number of retries when a connection is lost to the WiFi. I know this seems like an odd way to solve a problem, but when I loose a WiFi connection, and I simply unplug or reset the MKR1000, I have always been reconnected to the WiFi without a problem.

It should be doable…