Arduino IDE 1.6.8 - all good? Windows 10 + ESP8266 + 0.3.4 Blynk

I’m doing a fresh install of everything on a new laptop with new Windows 10.

my sketches were working OK on my old laptop with 1.6.5 IDE on Windows 8.1 with 0.3.4 Blynk (mostly with ESP8266)

if i go to 1.6.8 IDE - will it all be OK?

It should. :slight_smile:

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cool :sunglasses: i will report back…

@Dave1829 you might have to shuffle some of your functions as a ‘new improved’ system was introduced after IDE 1.6.5. It seems to be a backwards step as the functions now need to be in order whereas previously you had the freedom of putting them anywhere.

If your sketch doesn’t compile look for the offending function and ensure it is located before the call to the function. If you have VERY complex sketches it can be quite tricky fixing the order of functions.

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yeah, basically what i’d read, but thought if i am starting afresh, do it 100% fresh & up to date…

i am literally learning at every step here, so learning to order functions will be nothing too unusual… i think i have got into the habit of doing void setup() second last, then void loop() last - is that the thing to do?

but my 970 line code just uploaded to my Mega 2560 OK, and is running, so i guess that’s a good start?

btw - what makes a sketch ‘complex’ - is it lines of code, or something else?


Yes I would put setup 2nd last and loop last, previously I always had setup after the definitions.

We have sketches with a dozen tabs and even though having tabs is useful rather than one long sketch it can make ordering the functions more difficult. So we have a setup tab and loop tab, various function tabs etc.

When using tabs you have to fiddle the name of the tab alphabetically so the functions are in the correct order. So if you are using WiFiManager the tab name might need to be aWiFiManager.

wow, tabs? yeah… give me time, i’ll get there one day!

and BTW - i was just trying to compile a sketch with my cut/paste OneWire.h & DallasTemperature.h files…

IDE gave me errors - then the IDE pops up and says “updates are available for your libraries”

clicked update, then compiled again and ALL GOOD!

phew! this ‘fresh start’ could be a v.good thing!

Yes the library update feature is good in the newer versions of the IDE. We are on 1.6.7 until we know for sure that 1.6.8 doesn’t have any major problems.

Using 1.6.8 for quite some time. Looks OK…

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Oh come on it’s obvious you have to define function prior trying to use it…

what are you replying to?

Its regarding this. This should be totally obvious as implicit function declaration is not allowed. It simply teaches you good programming practice and having order everywhere.

Also order as itself is not important as you should put function prototypes in header files…

As you probably read I had some issues with the SimpleTimer. There was order involved too, but also something else. I had to add a dummy timer to keeps things running.

Look I’m not delusional and I know what I’m talking about. What you are referring to is called implicit function declaration, it was maybe “allowed” in Arduino before because it had old compiler not compliant with new standards or for some other awkward reason. To “solve” this or rather to say properly develop your application you should use function prototypes at the beginning and then function declaration can be somewhere further. Yes this works…

anyone else had any DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATIONS with an Mega 2560 plugged in and Arduino IDE open?

it is 5 times tonight…

EDIT - it hasn’t happened after i have switched over to Chrome browser - maybe it’s a Java issue?