Arduino + GSM + GPS + Blynk private server

Hello everyone, I hope you can help me or advise me.

I am trying to set up a real time gps tracker. For this I use an arduino pro mini (I am doing the functional tests with an Arduino Uno), a SIM800L and a Neo-6M. The thing is that I have a private blynk server on a raspberrypi, with a personal public IP (example 212.34.543.3) and a dedicated port (example 45654) to be able to access the server from anywhere, from any external network.
I have Tiny’s GPS, GSM, and blynk libraries installed, but I can’t find how to connect to a private blynk server over GSM. If I connect via GSM it tries to connect to the Blynk cloud, if I connect to the private server the example asks me for a Wi-Fi network…
How can I connect to the private blynk, with IP and port, through GSM?

Thank you!

The syntax for the Blynk.begin command with the option to specify your local server public IP and port is:

Blynk.begin(auth, modem, apn, user, pass, server, port);


It works perfect!! Thanks so much for the help.

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