Arduino Ethernet Modules


I’m currently shopping for a new ethernet module/shield, since the ENC28j60 requires too much storage (Blynk example needs around 80% of flash vs. around 50% for the W5100 or W5500).

  1. Does is matter for Blynk whether I choose a W5100/W5500 module or a real shield?
  2. I heard that some Asian manufacturers use wrong resistors for some ethernet modules or shields, which leads to issues with certain routers/modems. Does this apply to both W5100 and W5500 shields? Is there anything I should look out for to avoid this?
  3. Which is the more reliable board? The W5100/W5200/W5500? Does Blynk even support the W5200?

Thanks for helping me out.

I am using 2 cheapo Ebay W5100 boards with no issues with my cheapo Ebay Arduino Megas and no noted issues. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer! By boards you mean modules, I suppose? My assumption that both act the same way.

Hi, I mean an Ethernet Shield like image

Okay, thank you for the clarification.

Arduono Ethernet shields are generally quite flakey, and often don’t work with some routers/switches. I tried a variety of different ones, and found the whole process far too frustrating. Eventually I woke-up to ESP8266/NodeMCU boards and ditched the Arduino all together.
I’ve not yet found a situation where I needed to use an Arduino for anything other than getting other people’s code working successfully before tweaking it to work on an ESP.


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