Arduino + Esp8266 AT communication log

Hello can anyone share Arduino + Esp8266 AT commands communication log. I need it to write my own lite library for Blynk. Thanks

Sorry we didn’t store it… maybe someone from our community will help.
Anyway thanks for your efforts!

I would probable edit ESP8266.cpp and do a search/replace to change “m_puart->print” and “m_puart->println” to call a local function that outputs the command to the arduino’s serial port and then calls the relevant function on m_puart. You’ll probably need two versions of each print() and println() - one which takes a string and one which takes an int.

There is also a m_puart->write which you would also want to hook if you want to see the commands that send data to the Blynk cloud servers.

If you want to see the responses back from the ESP then you’ll want to look at the functions that call m_puart->read() too…

You could also hook a logic sniffer to serial lines and capture the communication…