Arduino due + esp8266

I am trying to get blynk to run with my esp8266 and my arduino due. I’m using the example in the blynk library called ESP8266_Shield_HardSer put in the wifi and authorization code then upload it to the arduino. I open the serial monitor and just get this

[22] Blynk v0.3.4
[522] Connecting to “my wifi”
[1532] Failed to disable Echo

Im stuck

First, upgrade to latest library (0.3.7). Then try again.

I tried upgrading to the library on the “Getting Started” page but the same thing happened.

But can you confirm the library is updated now? Does it say so in the serial monitor?

Are you sure you attached the Tx/Rx wires properly? You can try running the ESP standalone and see if that works, but you’d have to flash the AT firmware back on it to use it as a shield again.

I didn’t know about having to flash the esp to use as a shield, I only knew about flashing it to use as a standalone. If you could link me to the firmware to flash it that would be very helpful.


I used that guide to make a little flash-print for automatic flashing, if you have access to your COMs DTR and RTS pins, I highly recommend to use those :slight_smile: