Arduino controlling other arduino

Hi guys, I have one blynk project to control my house, and now, I added other arduino to the project, so, i have one arduino to control my house, and se the inside temperature, and the other arduino is on outside to show me the outside temperature, but i want to add them a RFID sensor, to when i use the correct tag he contact the inside arduino to open a door. it is possible? How can i make one arduino comunicating to other?


Take a look at the Bridge widget.

Oh! Thanks! I forget this widget ;D

But, i can’t find a way to add RFID to it. How can i do?

Pull up an RFID sketch from the internet and Blynkify it, see PUSH DATA example for calling functions at timed intervals and replace with the call to the RFID function.

this is the problem… i cant find any RFID simple sketch on the internet

There is at least a dozen threads on this website alone that include the word RFID and the wider internet has loads of stuff.

Just type “Arduino RFID” into Google and you will be good to go.

Thanks! I think i found one on instructables, i will test

This sketch that i found there is a bunch of code on void loop, but blynk support code on void loop?

can i change the name from void loop to void read?

before even trying to blynkify the sketch, just try as is, and check if at least works for what you need. also, take care to avoid using delays.

if everything works without blynk, of course you can create a new function (void readRfid) and implement into the blynk project.


this is the void loop of the code:

void loop() 
if(RFIDReader.available() > 0) // If data available from reader
 ReadSerial(RFIDTAG);  //Read the tag number from the reader. Should return a 10 digit serial number

 //This only displays a tag once, unless another tag is scanned

so i just change the void loop to void readRfid ?

yes, but you also have to import the libs and init objects needed for rfid, in the blynk sketch.

sorry, im a beguinner… How can i do that?

I tried to make like ()
I used void readRfid instead void loop
And in void loop I put readRfid()
And it worked! I’m feeling like a pro programmer :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
But when I try to blynkify I get an error to void BlynkAnotherDevice
But I will try to fix it. And if I can’t I’ll create a new post here on community asking help.
Thank you for everyone!

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That’s not really the way to do it. Keep loop() limited to 2 lines until you know exactly how Blynk works. See PUSH DATA example to call readRfid() at timed intervals.

so, i need to delete that readRfid() from void loop to write
and use the code timer.setInterval(1000L, readRfid);
on void setup?

Looks perfect but ensure you also have the definition:

BlynkTimer timer;

or if you are using an old library:

#include <SimpleTimer.h>
SimpleTimer timer;

ok, thank you veryyyyyy muuuuuuuchhhhhhh!