Arduino Bluetooth connection with button possible?

• Arduino Mega 2560 + DSD Tech HC-05
• Android 9
• Blynk 0.6.1

I have a problem because my code also contains a manual button control, which I would like to use without a connected smartphone, I can’t find a solution to forbid blynk to connect until I give permission by pressing another button I have tried a lot of things in the meantime but without success

As further information my project is a LED controller which normally has everything pre-set but I want to do some things with the blynk app like changing colors or something like that. So far I have no other possibility than to use my bluetooth module for this because I don’t have any other modules for this yet.
but once i connected to the app everything would work.

Is there a way to forbid blynk to connect until I press the button and execute it or some other way as long as I don’t have to connect it to my smartphone all the time.