Arduino & Android without Server

I’m working on home automatisation with few Arduino Mega around the house and need app for Android to monitor and do some fine tuning of sistem, like Arduino manager and Arduino Total Control from Google Play.
Arduino do quite complex things like PWM regulation of 3 motors, driving FM radio board, Bluetooth audio receiver and so on, all things is driven with IR remote control. FW for that is almost ended.
So Arduino board must run alone without LAN or WAN. Is there any plan to support such configuration by Blynk (also with Server).

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Currently we do not support peer-to-peer connections.
We’re thinking about adding BLE connection in near future.

Thanks for your hint about IR control - just forgot about it :wink:
Does you phone have IR port?

I use IR remote (from unused STB) to control Arduino device (let say in swimming pool) and want to perform the same command via LAN with my phone
I didn’t found if advanced Arduino user can add own code to yours, let say my PWM control of my big jacuzzi.
I thing that must be simple to add P2P to your project. Many advanced Arduino user will be very happy and you get right people for feedback.