App Text and Video Widget Issues - Possibly Related to Android 7.0

I have noticed these issues since the beginning of my time using Blynk, and it hadn’t been mission critical, as I am just learning… everything… Blynk, Linux, a deeper knowledge of Arduino, patience… lots & lots of patience :sweat:

Anyhow, as I get closer to making something that I want to use away from home, I am realizing that my daily driver phone, a Nexus 6 (v.7.0), has vital… quirks… as related to Blynk.

I am combining these two issues into one post as they both seem to be related between Blynk and the Nexus6 hardware and/or firmware.

And while I have seen other, somewhat related, forum snip-its… nothing has seemed to really delve into the issue.

First off - And now SOLVED (see first comment below) is that ALL text is either white or white outline, regardless of the proper colour as is displayed on my Samsung Note8.0 (v.4.4.2), or even on my old Nexus 4 (v.5.1.1).

Here is the comparison between the Nexus6 (BAD)

And the Note8 (All is GOOD, except my vRGB LED, but that is in another post):

And finally, there is the issue with the Video widget; It usually works on the Note8 and older Nexus4, but has never once worked on the Nexus6.

On the Nexus6, it just alternates between “No video stream available” and the juggling green dots.

This is the techie stuff on the feed I am using (streaming from an old NexusS running RTS Camera Server that is part of my DVR system).

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On text issue - I’m using Nexus 6 and there is no such text’s outlines on my device - maybe you have setuped them in some way? Could you check Settings -> Accessibility -> change High contrast text or Inverted Rendering option

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@BlynkAndroidDev Excellent call!!! High Contrast Text WAS enabled. I must have forgot about it when I first got the phone and was PokenDasNewButtons.

Strange that now with it off, I still can’t see any difference in any other apps I use, except in Blynk… go figure.

So now I have proper coloured text :smile: Thank you!

PS, I made sure nothing else is accidentally tweeked :blush: in the phone, and nope… still no video.

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I will try to figure out the issue with a video, currently i have no ideas on it.