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Hello guys. I’ve been researching on the Blynk website about the cost of publishing an app and I’ve seen that there are several plans, of varying values. I developed an environmental monitoring system for UV radiation levels (this is the area of ​​my master’s degree) and the application I made at Blynk would be to alert the population to the level of UV radiation they are subjected to, so they can precautionary measures. The application I made is not for commercial purposes but for educational purposes.
My two doubts are:

  1. Even if it is not for commercial purposes, is there not a cheaper plan that only covers the publication of the application?
  2. I have seen some applications published by blynk, such as Plaato and justfire, and have seen that they send authentification tokens to the user, as if it were a “new project”. I would like to know if I would like, for example, that the published app did not send these tokens and only connect to the sensor network that I developed (since these are still in tests and are part of my project that has not yet been released).
    Thank you all for your help.
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  1. Not that I’m aware of.

  2. Check out sharing (not cloning). I think it’ll do exactly what you’re after (and it’s free … almost).


Your use-case can only be achieved in commercial plans:

Since it’s not only “publishing” but involves infrastructure deployment, maintenance, and support, the service can’t be offered for a fixed price.

@alvarobarbosa, Did you check out Blynk Sharing?