APP Naming Labels wont fit in widget icon

Verified on Iphone6/IOS 8.3

When labeling some of the widgets you are “allowed” space for several characters.

However, when you save and view the widget, depending on how many characters your label is, may be truncated by the physical size of the displayed widget.

One easy widget to view this issue would be to assign a label of more than 6 characters to the LED Widget and you will see the issue.

Suggestion is to allow for resizing of the widgets or limit the allowed label size (less desirable option for sure).

Any update on the labeling issues stated above? I see that with the latest update the labeling issue is still not resolved.

Thx for reporting, we will take a look… Sorry, somehow missed your message.

Any progress on this labelling issue?

It has been fixed long time ago. Do you experience any issues with that?

On the LED widget I am restricted to 4 characters on the label. I can use longer labels on other widgets.

How would you fit more than 4 symbols on LED? Just look at how tiny it is.

I have room for at least 8 characters on my tablet. If I could put in more characters and it overflowed the LED widget, then I would reduce the number of characters to make it fit.

I see your point, however Blynk wasn’t designed for tablets (yet :slight_smile: )

We’ll keep in mind your comment though. Thanks!