App informs that my account does not exist

Hello guys. I have an account for years, with my project and two weeks ago my device does not connect anymore. I try to change the password in the app and inform me that the account does not exist.
my account user is:



If you don’t login to your account or use it will automatically be deleted as per
GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation

I use it, daily for a few years.
I believe that it is not that. but I appreciate the help.

Check if you have the right auth token. And make sure you have not changed your router and SSID, Passwords are not changed

I tested that too. I created a new account and it worked. However, I need my project and my credits from the previous account. :slight_smile:

Are you sure this is your email id? Because using the account often will not result in deletion.
May be @Dmitriy can help you out on this.

Hello, @Madhukesh , yes I’m sure. Please @Dmitriy can you help me?
Thanks @Madhukesh